1) Determine the size of carport to meet your needs.


2) Determine direction of drainage slope.


3) Determine live load requirements for your area. 
(Your local Planning and Zoning can assist you.)


4) Obtain a building permit. This will keep you in line
with building rules and regulations.


5) Draw a simple site plan of where you intend to put
the carport on your property. Include location of house,
fences, streets, sidewalks, etc. and dimensions.




Site Plan Contents


The required site plan shall consist of all the details of the proposed development submitted for review by this department. All plans shall be accurately drawn to scale of not less than 1"=20' and contained on a sheet size not less than 81/2" x 11". All proposals must clearly illustrate the following basic site plan features 1 thru 6.




1. Verified property line location, dimensions, lot square footage, scale and north arrow direction.


2. Streets, alleys, affected easements and right-of-ways.


3. Location and dimensions of all hard surfaced areas including curb and gutter, sidewalks, driveways, parking spaces, loading areas, garbage areas and access points to public streets or alleys.


4. The size, shape and location of all existing and proposed structures including overhang projections, garages, carports, sheds and the distance to the nearest point of any dwelling on abutting properties.


5. Front, side and rear setback dimensions from property line to all existing and proposed structures.


6. Parking strip layout including lawn areas, location of existing and proposed street trees, sprinkler system and curb cuts.



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