Custom Carport Types

Solar Carports

Make parking cost and energy-efficient with carport designs that can support a solar panel system.

Double Posted Carports

Cover two cars or trucks with a double posted or double-wide carport designed to match your home.

Metal Buildings

Enclosed carports protect your car from the elements while providing safe storage for other items.


Discover the perfect solution to cover multiple parking stalls with our commercial T-carport designs.

Offset T-Carports

Provide extra protection to multiple vehicles with offset T-carports that utilize a single column design.

Metal Carports

Protect your vehicle from heavy rain, snow, falling debris, and windshield freeze with all-steel carports.

Home Carport Types

Your home is an extension of you, and your parking structure should be too. However, many Utah homes don’t have enough coverage to keep cars safe, not to mention recreational vehicles and extra belongings. Carports are a wise choice for many homeowners interested in protecting their automobiles, outdoor equipment, and valuables from the elements.

They also provide shade during the summer for you and your loved ones to spend time outdoors. Whether you use your carport to organize outdoor activities without having to worry about the weather or park your RV, boat, recreational vehicle, or car, Custom Carport Designs is the custom carport builder you need to make it happen.

Custom Carport Designs’ decades of custom carport design and installation experience will ensure that our team has the knowledge, skill, and experience to design the perfect steel carport for your home. Along with our years of service, we pride ourselves on unmatched customer experiences.

Working hand-in-hand with our team, we will customize the perfect carport to match your home. Whatever you need, trust us to bring you years of livable luxury and pleasure with our residential carport designs.

Commercial Carport Contractor

For decades, steel carports have been popular in Utah’s commercial business and multi-housing industry. As an inexpensive alternative to large parking structures, commercial carport designs integrate specialized steel designs to protect residents’ vehicles. Many apartments even offer it as an additional benefit to prospective buyers.

Drawing from nearly half a century of experience in steel carport design, Custom Carport Designs can create a metal carport structure that matches the size and scale of your housing development. Our company specializes in carport designs in Utah for commercial businesses, apartment structures, and more, as well as carport production and installation.

While other commercial carport companies can build a sturdy carport structure, no one can do it quite like ours. We understand the wide range of regional conditions that our application will face, including severe heat and significant snow loads, and we test them to ensure they can meet them head-on. You can find our conventional commercial carport designs throughout the state, from north Logan to Salt Lake City to St. George.

Custom Carport Designs of Utah

For decades, Utah businesses and homeowners have trusted Custom Carport Designs with their carport ideas. Utah properties are prime candidates for adding these parking features to their space. Whether installing a steel carport next to your driveway or apartment complex, these structures provide several benefits.

A carport not only offers extra protection but additional storage space and shade. From standard metal carports to enclosed buildings, carports are the all-in-one solution you need to keep your vehicle safe, especially in Utah.

Utah is notorious for hot summers, strong winds, and snowy winters. The unique climate can take a toll on your car and belongings. Our carport designs in Utah can ensure your car stays protected from the elements. Simply park your car under your carport to keep it away from unwanted debris. Plus, you will avoid that all-too-familiar shock you get in the car when you grab for the scorching hot seatbelt. It’s a win-win that you will enjoy for years to come.

No matter your reason for installing a carport, Custom Carport Designs is the team you want on your side when you do. Our specialists know a thing or two about Utah carport designs thanks to nearly five decades in business. Since 1973, our carport manufacturing business has been designing custom-covered parking solutions and structural all steel carports for single-family homes, multi-housing complexes, commercial applications, and solar panel systems.

Our extensive experience in Utah’s carport industry helped us build a solid reputation for exceptional customer service and high-quality steel carport installations. Not only do we care about providing superior all steel carports, but your bottom line. We are a leading custom carport company in Utah because of our considerable experience in structural steel and light gauge fabrication, as well as our uniquely skilled sales team, engineering staff, and installation crews.

As a privately owned and operated customization and manufacturing service group, Custom Carport Designs provides a streamlined custom carport design, production, and installation process to all our customers. Along with our five-star reputation, Utah homeowners and businesses rely on our experts because of our wide range of product offerings. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing metal carport products such as multi-housing carports, solar carports, double-posted carports, steel buildings, shade structures, T-carports, RV carports, and other related products and services.

Why We Are The Best Choice

Custom Carport Designs has a large selection of custom metal carports and steel structures to suit your exact needs. We pride ourselves on providing personalized methods and designs dependent on the unique needs of our customers. Along with offering a one-of-a-kind customization process, our custom carport builder ensures that we can install our applications anywhere.

You won’t receive a carport that won’t work for your space, either. We create our custom carports based on your exact site plan before sending it to your local planning or zoning department for approval. Then, once you receive the go-ahead, we will complete the order and proceed with the installation. Your interests will be at the top of our list of priorities in this step-by-step design and installation process.

If you are looking to buy a custom carport, no matter what steel parking or building structure you need, trust our custom carport builders with your carport design. Contact Custom Carport Designs to get started.