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Are you planning to construct a metal carport, garage, or shed? Whether you intend to use your carport for an SUV, truck, minivan, shed, or patio, trust Utah’s custom carport company, Custom Carport Designs. Metal carports are strong steel buildings that shelter your car from the elements. More affordable but as functional as a garage, custom carports are the easy-to-install solution you need to protect your car from Utah’s hot sun and inclement weather patterns without losing too much space or money.

Carport Types

Custom Carport Designs offers a range of carport types that you can tailor to your available space. Our unique customization process allows you to create your own carport that matches your needs down to the final stall. Each of our Utah custom carports perfectly outfits their space, from the structural size to the style of steel carport.

Using high-quality materials and other deliverables, you can rest easy knowing that your metal carport has all the features you need to know your items are safe, organized, and stored according to your specific needs. Not to mention the years of experience our Utah custom carport company has designing carports for customers throughout the state.

At Custom Carport Designs in Utah, we understand that not every situation is the same, which is why we offer a wide selection of design options. You can use components, such as spatial dimensions, carport size, materials, and functional features to create a structural design that you will love for years to come. A few of these carport design options include:

  • Carport style: We offer standard, triple-wide, or commercial metal carports. You can also choose between an enclosed garage, shed, utility room, or steel patio.
  • Right or left lean: You can choose a lean-to extension that comes with or without storage shelves, whether it attaches to the left or right of the carport.
  • Roof style: Choose between a vertical roof, boxed eave, or a traditional roof style with a standard eave.
  • Roof and trim colors: There are several color choices, ranging from basic colors like black and grey to vibrant shades.
  • Carport panel: Possibilities for paneling include open, closed, or extended left/right sidewalls and front/back gable ends.
  • Storage: There is an option to include storage in the carport in the back, left, or right. We also offer options that don’t include any extra storage components.
  • Site surface: Specify where you want the structure installed. The most common surfaces for carports include asphalt, dirt, gravel, or concrete.
  • Additional design options: Along with the components mentioned earlier, you can also personalize your installation services, insulation, mobile home anchors, and the thickness or size of the structural elements.

Best Carport Company in Utah

Whatever customized details you want in your new carport, Custom Carport Designs is the top carport company in Utah. While we know the steel manufacturing industry, we also have a deep understanding of the unique needs of Utah residents. From the various weather patterns to the different home styles, you can work with our team to create a carport design or metal building that looks like it was part of the original design of your property.

Whether you need a metal carport for your home or a commercial establishment, trust our team of carport design specialists. We combine our years of hands-on experience with best-in-the-industry craftsmanship to deliver the steel carport solutions you need. Along with our quality designs and materials, we focus on using certified engineering designs to produce the most structurally sound and long-lasting carports possible, ensuring many years of safety and protection.

We also help to reduce your bottom line by cutting out the middleman. We will deliver and construct your steel carport in no time with free installation and speedy delivery. You can also go green with Custom Carport Designs. Our customization process also allows you to include structural components for solar panels on top of the carport. Whether you are interested in a solar carport, steel carport, double posted carport, T carport, offset T carport, or an enclosed metal building, you can rely on our team to take your idea from page to print.

Our simplified customization process starts by filling out our online contact form. Once you send a message, our team will contact you to discuss your project. Together, we will design a custom carport from the comfort of your own home or business. Once we have a better understanding of your carport design, we will give you an instant pricing quote. The price will depend on your preferred roof type, building size, type of carport structure, number of doors, and additional features.

Custom Carport Designs of Utah

Custom Carport Designs will work with you to build a custom carport or metal building you can rely on for years to come, no matter your needs. Contact us to start the carport building process today.